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Why not take your website to a higher,
more professional level?


Please take a look at the options offered and choose the ones
you would like us to help you with.


Protect your site

We will install our proven, favorite security system to protect your site. It is a lot of hassle and expense to deal with a hacked site, if it can even be repaired. We strongly suggest to purchase this now and prevent future headaches.

Price: $75
One time fee
Free updates


Extra Pages Setup

Need extra pages on your site? You would like to provide more information to your visitors. We can help you with that.

Price: $99/page
(conditions apply)

Social Media Accounts Linking

We will link up to 5 of your existing Social media accounts to your website with the corresponding icons (recommended is Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube).
The icons will be placed in the footer.

Price: $25 (up to 5 accounts)

Social Media Setup

Is your business present on Social Media? Are your Social Media accounts properly set up? If not, we will do it for you.
We are able to set up and optimize: Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc.
This offer includes “Social Media Accounts Linking”.

Price: $199 per account

Linking to a Booking system

We will add and link your existing booking system to the Main Menu and create special “Book Online” button and add it to up to 5 pages.

Price: $75

Legal pages setup

We will add “Privacy Policy” and “Terms and Conditions” pages to your website. You can submit your content or we will use our templates.

Price: $99

Custom elements

Based on your individual needs we can add a special form, gallery, widget or other elements to your website.


NOTE: If you need any service not listed here please don’t hesitate to contact us.
We are happy to help.